Customized Training and Mentoring

Why is Customized Training Important for Businesses?

Customized training is mission critical for all organizations, especially in areas like Continuous Improvement, Process Improvement, Constituent Experience, Organizational Change Management (OCM), and Project Management. Based on our formal education and having over 25 years experience with 200+ change oriented and process improvement projects, TSI has developed very pragmatic methodologies to support thorough, action-based and customizable training and mentoring programs for these areas. TSI delivers several customizable training options:

Customized delivery to meet the needs of our clients 

Public or group workshops 

We Can Mentor Your Team

Over the past 25 years, TSI has trained thousands of corporate and higher education employees to become more constituent, student, faculty, vendor, customer, and/or process focused, some even becoming full-fledged process zealots! TSI’s training and mentoring model enables our clients to develop their own capabilities and level of proficiency.

Building awareness, transferring skills, orienting diverse audiences, and generating excitement is a critical component of TSI’s approach. Many of our clients ask that we, either as part of our assessment/improvement projects, or as a standalone activity, perform some training that is relevant to the change that needs to occur.

TSI strives to work with its clients at all levels including executives, middle management, staff, students, and constituents to develop a shared understanding of practical tools regarding the topics covered in the following areas:

Continuous Improvement and Process Improvement Training

Organizational Change Management Training

Constituent Experience and Voice of the Customer Training

Project Management Training