Program Leadership / Program Rescue

Effective, Independent Project and Program Management is often the difference between success and failure on large projects

What is Program Leadership / Program Rescue?

Independent project management prevents some of the conflicts of interest that can occur when a project manager is improperly aligned (i.e., a PM that works for a software company or system integrator). TSI advocates that the project management functions should be independent and that impartiality are often critical for success.

TSI has decades of experience running large, complex initiatives across all aspects of your organization. So we can take the helm of a new initiative with our experienced consultants, or support an initiative underway that is in jeopardy. Because we leverage our effective delivery methods, processes, and tools, we can lead your team to success or help you get back on track.

Project Manager doing program leadership tasks image

Why Do YOU Need Program Leadership?

You may need adjunct program management capabilities to fill staffing gaps. Or, you may have a mission-critical initiative that is beyond your team’s experience. A project may be under-delivering, behind schedule, or costing you more than you planned. Or, a software solution could be implementing and you require a third party to act as oversight and control and to cover those things integration partners sometimes don’t (e.g., organizational change management). Commonly, organizations do not have the:

  • Project Management experience and expertise
  • Capacity to do the work
  • Experience with certain types of projects
  • Objectivity – to report, transparently – on the project’s progress and the blockers

Without Program Leadership, your organization runs the risk of late or even failed projects that can be quite costly.

Why Work With Our Team?

TSI’s independent project and program management services leverage our years of Project Management expertise. TSI frequently serves our clients in a Program Manager role to implement complex CRM, ERP, and Enterprise systems.

Our experience shows the importance of this role is independent of the various vendors involved and independent of the staff working on the project from your team. The reason that being independent is critical is that vendors often have certain biases and conflicts of interest (to sell more software and services). And, at times client staff, who still have their day job and organizational biases, need help from a PM who is objective and unbiased.

What We Do

TSI’s Program Leadership / Program Rescue approach covers planning, managing, coordinating and addressing the issues that encompass:

Program Leadership / Program Rescue can include all of or parts of the Program Control service offering.

We have experience running large-scale programs: