Project Management Organizations

We can help you set up a PMO or improve your existing team’s project management effectiveness

What is a PMO?

According to the Project Management Institute, a project management office

  • A team that defines and maintains standards for project management
  • A resource pool of the best delivery experts in your organization
  • The leaders of enterprise objective decision-making on which initiatives to do
  • A subset of large-scale initiative (e.g., ERP implementation) that is charged with focusing inward on one program

Is everyone in your organization aligned to the same vision of your PMO? Which type of PMO do you have?

TSI leads its clients to create unifying PMO visions. We then help design, build, and operationalize those visions in a way that allows you to take ownership and be successful. If you already have a PMO, we can help assess your practices to ensure you are moving forward at the right pace and focusing on the things that drive the most value.

Project Management Office (PMO) image

Why Work With Us?

Our clients work with us based on our cross-industry expertise in building and operating successful PMOs.  We have experience with large corporations, mid-sized businesses, and higher education environments. We know every business is unique, which is why we tailor and align our holistic framework to your organizational, cultural, or industry needs.

What We Do

TSI has deep experience planning, architecting, building, and running PMOs. We help you with strategic vision and successfully reach the next level of maturity in your operation.

While the details vary based on our client’s needs, we follow a mix of these steps:

  • Align the team on purpose and strategy for the PMO; run leadership visioning exercises
  • Create a blueprint of capabilities that aligns the PMO to that of the needs of the organization
  • Define the capabilities necessary to effectively deliver PMO services (this typically translates to skills beyond simple project management)
  • Train on the necessary capabilities, specifically tailored to your needs
  • Provide support so it’s not a “sink or swim” mentality but rather a graduated level of support

PMO services include: